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Roofers working on a new roof installation

Protect Your Roof With Our Roofing Services In Sheffield & Beyond

Is your roof displaying signs of wear and tear, or do you have concerns about potential leaks or damage? Look no further than B&S General Builderss Ltd, the trusted source for roofing services in Sheffield and nearby areas within a 10-mile radius. With over 23 years of expertise, our skilled house builders and bricklayers have successfully handled countless roofing projects. We simplify the process, provide clarity, and make it hassle-free. 

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction ensures exceptional service quality. Rest assured, any roofing concerns you may have will be in our capable hands. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and tap into our roofing expertise.

Our Complete Roofing Services

Discover our comprehensive roofing services designed to safeguard your home and enhance its kerb appeal.

Modern loft conversion in the attic of a house with large skylights

New Roof Installation

Our experienced team excels in delivering dependable new roof installations. Using premium materials and industry best practices, we ensure your new roof is engineered for long-lasting durability, protecting your home for years to come.


Loft Conversion

Transform your existing roof into a functional and stylish space with our cost-effective loft conversion services. Whether it's an attic bedroom, a home office, or extra storage, our skilled craftsmen carry out building conversions efficiently and bring your vision to life, all within your budget.


Roof Repair

Our skilled team is your trusted partner for assessing and repairing your roof, guaranteeing its long-term resilience, and safeguarding your home from potential damage. Your roof's stability and protection are our top priorities.

Fascia & Soffit

Elevate your home's exterior with our professional installation and repair services for fascia and soffit. These critical components offer essential protection against the elements while simultaneously improving your property's beauty and structural integrity.


Guttering Services

Our guttering solutions include everything from installation to thorough maintenance. The gutter cleaning services prevent blockages, ensuring a consistent water flow. Also, gutter repairs protect your property from potential structural harm.


Roof Cleaning

Revive the appearance and longevity of your roof with our exceptional cleaning services. We effectively eliminate moss, algae, and debris, restoring your roof's pristine condition and ensuring it stands the test of time.



Our experienced craftsmen expertly handle water-tight leadwork that safeguards your property and adds aesthetic value. Expect functional and stylish solutions from us to protect and enhance your home.

House roof details with fascias, soffits, and guttering system

Some of our more recent roofing work


Choose Our Roofing Experts For Long-lasting Roofing Services. Give Us A Call At 07402 320146 To Get Started.

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